Disaster Recovery and Planning / Business Continuity


Disaster Recovery Planning

Our engineers will evaluate and make recommendations on how to protect your data and technology from any damaging effects. Theft, natural disaster, lost or erased data, etc. are all issues that we cover with you in our assesments.


Backup Services

Oversight offers services for both on-site and off-site data storage and transport. The data can be stored in a standard, encrypted, and/or hashed formats for different levels of security.


Business Continuity Planning

Itís one thing to protect your technology but what happens when your business cannot function due to damage to your office or unavailability of resources? Our team can help you mitigate these and other issues to help your business remain active.


Total Desktop Protection

Total Desktop Protection provides your systems with a daily backup of the userís files, profiles, registry and system files of the desktop either to a file server or the management node itself. This entire activity is monitored by our engineers.


Data Storage and Access

Oversight now offers a data storage and access service that allows your personnel to store their documents, e-mails, and other data that can be accessed locally or remotely via password-based server. Every user has their own password and can create their own access lists, allowing other people to share and access their data. With this service Oversight adds a 5 Gigabyte, encrypted, off-site, HIPAA compliant storage solution. This can be used for disaster mitigation, storage of company secrets, and much more. This data is so secure even we cannot access it after we give you the keys.


Additional details and Services Will Be Available Shortly. Please check back or contact a representative.

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