Security Services


Enterprise Security Management

Complete IT security management package. Real-time network protection, your security devices (firewall, IDS, etc.) monitored on a 24*7 basis and any alerts generated are escalated according to your wishes. Our engineers will take action when a security threat is detected as well as informing your company of the incident.


Usage Monitoring

Did you know that the average worker admits to spending more than TWO HOURS A DAY of their employers time goofing off and not working. In some industries and regions of the country, it comes closer to THREE hours a day? We record all employee Internet and PC activity, automatically archive these recordings and present them in a monthly or quarterly report. The report can contain a complete record of every e-mail sent and received, every chat conversation and instant message, every web site visited, every keystroke typed, every application launched and detailed pictures of PC activity

Security Evaluations

Our security team will test your company’s security stance from all conceivable angles. We test physical, technological, and social threats using the same tools and techniques that hackers, crackers, and data thieves use. Afterwards we provide a complete summary detailing any possible breach and a comparative analysis of solutions.


Security Design (Service Available Shortly)

Our certified engineers will design and implement a complete security solution for your company. Utilizing technologies from Checkpoint, Cisco, NetScreen, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Red Hat, and others we will ensure your data is secure. Written procedures and training for personnel as well as physical office/data center design are also engineered.


Security Investigations, Incident Response and Forensics (Service Available Shortly)



More Services Available Shortly. Please check back or contact a representative.

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